Freelance Writing And How To Make Money In 2019


In the past, it was extremely difficult to earn money as a freelance writer. Opportunities were scarce and many people looked down upon the profession. However, if you ever made it big, the outlook would change. Although this may be true in some instances, it’s not the general consensus.

Fast forward many years into the future. We now live in a time where the internet is a staple in society. This means that there is an explosion of opportunities for many professions, writing is one of them.

It has never been easier to earn money for your passion than it is today. This is true for artists of all sort and freelance writers. However, how can a writer earn money for their passion? We will go through some avenues that you can take in order to monetize your passion!


1. Start A Blog

First and foremost, you can start a blog. Blogs can be an amazing way for you to put your name out there. Furthermore, you can monetize your blog in many different ways. That way, you’ll be able to earn money for your passion. Starting a blog may seem simple. However, it takes dedication and hard work to earn money.

First, pick what kind of niche you’ll want to write about. Once this is done, create your website and begin writing!

There is a lot that goes into creating a blog. However, once you’re established, it’ll become easier for you to get your name out there. For example, if you wanted to write for another company or website and needed a reference, you can use your blog. The blog you create can be your tool for marketing, earning and growing in your craft. Even if you want to just create a blog to get better at writing, I’d say do it.



However, before you go off and create a blog, you should know which niches are profitable. Many people blog for the love of it. However, if you’re one of those people who really care about the money you’ll possibly be making, you should take a look. Above is a video by Allison Lindstrom who talks about her top 5 blog niches!


2. & Other Freelance Platforms

One of the things that keep people away from freelance writing is the money aspect. Although it has become a lot easier to make money, finding clients to write for maybe a daunting task. However, there are platforms out there that are designed to help freelance writers strive. is one of the largest platforms where freelance writers are able to monetize their skills.

Freelancer has two types of members, those who’re looking for work and others who would like to do tasks. Surprisingly, freelancer offers a wide array of options when looking to do work. Here is a screenshot of a few jobs that they have available:




However, if you’re looking to do blog posts, has options for that as well. As shown below:





If isn’t for you, there are many other options that may be tailored towards you. For example, if you’re just starting out, Fiverr may be your best bet. Here, you can create blog posts for people. However, this website is usually for those just starting out. This is due to the fact that people tend to sell their service for around $5. Although this can vary, it is what Fiverr is known for.



Upwork is very similar to Fiverr in the sense that you can write for others. However, there are a few major differences. The main difference is that on Upwork, you’ll find people charging a lot more for their work. This is due to the fact that Upwork is catered towards those who have a large portfolio and many years of experience. Therefore, it’s common to see people charging $50+ an hour for a blog post.

If you have many years of experience or are confident in your writing, proofreading and SEO capabilities, Upwork may be for you. Just remember, competition is fierce. Therefore, you need to make sure that the content you’re selling is top tier.


3. Freelance Write For Others

In the previous section, we talked about freelance writing for others through various platforms. However, what if you wanted to create your own business around freelance writing? This can definitely be done. Furthermore, it can be done at the same time as using other platforms.

Freelance writing for clients is a great way to earn money and promote yourself as a writer. The possibilities are endless! You can write for various blogs, authors and other content creators. It all depends on what niche you’d like to go into!

You can simply find various websites that are starting up or are already established and pitch a guest post! Many websites are willing to pay for their guest posts, some more than others. However, not all of them will pay the same. Furthermore, they expect a blog post full of information, error-free and search engine optimized!

As you build your clientele and your name, it’ll become easier to find gigs. Once this happens you can start raising your prices as you’re more in-demand and you become better at your craft!


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4. Copywriting

Copywriting is a great way to earn money as a freelance writer because there are many different avenues you can try. In short, copywriting is salesmanship on paper. Therefore, if you’re a copywriter you can create content for marketing pieces. For example, slogans, ads, landing pages, SEO, scripts for television and other videos.

Copywriting is vast. If you were looking to raise awareness, you could write copy for charities. Content or ads that get people to become more aware or donate to a particular issue. However, it all depends on the clients you take on and the field in which you choose to work.

In order to start copywriting, you can use the various platforms that were listed or you can create your own company. Once you get your first client you can receive referrals. Once the ball starts rolling, you’ll be able to handle more clients. However, if you don’t want to overload yourself, handling fewer clients but charging more can be a viable strategy. Therefore, take a look into what it takes to be a copywriter, this path may just be for you.


5. Ebooks

One of the staples of becoming a writer. Most people I know who have a passion for writing always dreamed of creating a book! This is a great idea because it can be a great source of passive income. Ebooks are the most purchased digital product out and it’s for a good reason. These ebooks take days, months or sometimes years to create and are usually relatively cheap.

Look at 1 Hour Investor for example. This book is chock-full of information, easily digestible and an overall great read. The price tag? $2.99, it’s basically a steal. Many people see this which is why people are selling their knowledge.

If you’re knowledgeable on a subject, I’d highly suggest creating an ebook. The best part about creating an ebook is that there are so many platforms to market it on.

You can put the book on Amazon, Indigo, Goodreads and even your own blog. This is where creating a blog is a great idea. You’ve cultivated a following and people know who you are. There are people who’re willing to pay for your knowledge because they know they can trust you. If you were to choose one digital product to create, ebooks should be at the top of your list.


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