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Everyone has responsibilities. However, earning a living while tending to these responsibilities is no easy task. There are many stay-at-home moms and dads whose jobs are to take care of the household. However, staying home all day, doing the same tasks repetitively can get quite tedious. Furthermore, if you’re not financially stable, it can be quite hard to keep for with bills. This is why there are many jobs where stay at home parents can earn money while tending to their household.

We will go through a few ideas that almost anyone can do from home. Of course, some of these jobs require certain skills. However, with enough dedication, you can earn quite a generous amount while at home.


1. Virtual Assistant

One extremely easy way to earn money as a stay at home parent is through being a virtual assistant. We’ve talked about becoming a virtual assistant many times before. However, I’d say this is a good article to talk about it once again for those who may not know what it is.

A virtual assistant is a job where you can work from home and take care of certain aspects of persons in daily life. Much like a regular assistant, virtual ones take care of repetitive tasks that can be done over the computer or online. This includes things from admin work for your business to set up meetings.

There are many companies where you can either become a virtual assistant or hire one. Task Bullet is one of these companies. Here are a few ways you can earn or be helped through Task Bullet.

Salary: $17/h – $50/h


Task Bullet


2. Data Entry

Data entry is a job that has been around for a long time. It doesn’t require much skill to get started. However, you will need a few key things. First is a laptop and second is a bit of technological know-how.

Data entry is a simple job where you take information and enter it into an online database. This can include PDF and scanned files. As you can imagine, this job can get tedious. However, you can earn quite a bit of money from it.

There is one caveat. These jobs are fairly competitive. Much like drop shipping, there is a low barrier of entry. Therefore, competition is high, especially in the higher-paying data entry jobs. My suggestion is the take the lower-paying job while you wait for an opening for a more prestigious position. This way you earn a bit of money while gaining the necessary experience to execute your job at a high performing level.

Salary: $14/h – $35/h


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3. Tech Support

This job may come as a shock to some or maybe the obvious answer to others. Tech support is a huge industry, every tech company has one because it is essential for longevity. However, an extremely common aspect with every companies tech department is that it is outsourced.

When I worked in a few call centers I’d constantly get asked where I was located. People would make a large range of assumptions. Some asked if I was in India and others would ask if we were located in Venezuela.

I was fortunate enough to be working close to my home. However, these are fair questions as many telecommunications companies and banks outsource their labor to other countries. This is beneficial because companies can pay less for the same type of labor.

Some companies will allow you to provide tech support from the comfort of your own house. The salary ranges depending on the company and the complexity of the job. You’ll have access to a wide range of programs that and information that’ll make your job manageable from home. Finding one of these jobs is as simple as searching on Indeed or Monster.

Salary: $14/h – $19/h


4. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is a great way to earn extra income from the comfort of your own home. There are quite a few avenues you can travel down on your freelance writing journey.

First, you can create a blog, such as this one and create content. You can earn money through ads, affiliates, and sponsors. If a blog isn’t your style you can always opt-in to write for other blogs or companies. Find a niche you’re knowledgeable in and find companies and blogs that are willing to pay people to write for them!

If this doesn’t sound like your type of area then you can always try other platforms. There are platforms like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer how clients looking to find people to do their various writing jobs. However, these jobs can go quickly and have quite a bit of competition.

My advice would be to start off on Fiverr because Upwork is filled with people who have decades worth of experience. However, if you’re confident in your abilities and provide excellent service, you should have no problem finding work.

Salary: $14/h – $100+/h


5. Freelance Web Developer

This is one of those jobs that’ll require a considerable amount of skill. This is due to the fact that web developers/designers require extensive knowledge. Most people who go into the field of coding have many years of schooling. However, there are many who are self-taught. Regardless of whether you’ve taught yourself or went to school, there are always avenues where you can monetize your skills.

As a web developer, you’re in charge of the maintenance and/or creation of websites. This includes the front end and back-end. However, there are many different areas within web development that you can branch off into. There are avenues such as web graphic design and SEO (search engine optimization). As expected, the salaries for positions in this field tend to be quite high. Here are some examples:


web developer


As you can see, you can earn quite a bit of money. However, I’ve seen freelance web developers charger between $80 – $100 PER HOUR and this is the people I’ve personally seen. The high hourly rate for these jobs is supported by the fact that it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to do jobs effectively. Therefore, you can easily make more than the average person with a couple of hours of work each day.

That being said, in order to charge this much, you will need experience. When companies and clients pay a lot of money, they expect a high degree of execution which is supported by experience. Starting out small when you’re first getting into web development and eventually charting more as your skills increase is your best bet.

Salary: $50/h – $200+/h


6. Managing Social Media

Many companies are making the shift to the online sphere. Therefore, it is only natural that they’re looking for people to manage their social media accounts. More often than not most people have some sort of social media presence. However, if you’re a connoisseur of sorts, you may be able to make money off of it.

From your home you can manage companies’ social media accounts by post pictures that they provide, coming up with captions and even reply to comments (or direct messages). The beautiful part about it is that there are still thousands of companies that are behind this concept.

Consumers want information and solutions ready as soon as possible. We can change the fact that the world is moving faster than it was 10 or 15 years ago. Therefore, every company can benefit from having a large social media presence. Not only will they become more accessible to their clients, but they’ll also increase their media footprint. This means that they’ll garner more exposure and capture all the benefits that come along with the attention.

Salary: $25/h – $200+/h


7. Proofreading

Proofreading can be an excellent way for you to earn money as a stay at home parent. When proofreading, you’re looking over their copy, essays, etc for errors. Their errors can be grammatical, punctuation or even factual! Proofreaders can make quite a bit of money.

According to, the average hourly wage for a professional proofreader is $21.64. However, this number can vary depending on whether you work for a company, are freelance, and how skillful you are.

Regardless, if you’re great with editing and pointing out mistakes, proofreading may be for you. It’s a great side hustle that’ll help you earn cash without becoming too stressed.

Salary: $14/h – $29/h


8. Tutoring

Tutoring is many people’s choice when wanting to work from home. It’s truly a great area to earn money in. When tutoring you can have the people come to your house or provide online courses. Freelance or with a company there are always options available. The beautiful thing about tutoring is that there are many subjects in which you can teach. Math, science, and any other subject that the person may be struggling in. This is also where your proofreading skills may come in handy.

Similar to proofreading, tutoring can be done on an hourly basis or through packages. For example, you can charge your client $150 a month for 2 hours a week of tutoring. This ends up being $18.75 an hour. Of course, you can charge more or less depending on the hours, subject, your skill level and whether it’s online or in-person! Below will be a video from an online teacher who specializes in creating online courses to tutor ESL English students and teachers!

Salary: $15/h – $30+/h



9. Call Center Rep

Call center reps are similar to tech support. They’re people who’re given jobs when companies are trying to outsource. However, it is also possible that a company does not have space or means to build a physical call center. Therefore, they’ll set up a multitude of call center reps who’re able to work from home. There are many sectors that do this, sales, customer support, information lines and sometimes business to business.

If you thought about working as tech support from home, this can be another option if you find that you do not have the skill set. Furthermore, this may be a better option for you if you’re great with sales or over-the-phone/online customer interactions.

Salary: $14/h – $19/h


10. Babysitting

The last job we will talk about is babysitting. If you have a child or have ever used a babysitter/daycare, you’ll know that they can become quite expensive. Although this is a good way to make money, it is quite a hard one to get started with, in my opinion. This is due to the fact that people are becoming more reluctant to leave their kids with someone they know.

There are horror stories about malicious babysitters. However, there are wonderful stores from trusted babysitters. If you’re a genuine person and are good with kids, people will notice and trust you.

Babysitting is no walk in the park. You have to tend to the kid’s needs. This includes feeding, entertainment and any other special requests due to sicknesses or conditions. My babysitter even helped me with my homework whenever she could. It can be a difficult task at times. However, it’s a skill that can be nurtured and worked on.

You can start by contacting people you know who have kids and are willing to trust you with them. After that, it’s all about referrals and providing a fun and healthy environment for the kids you’re babysitting.

Salary: $14/h – $25/h


To Conclude

There are many ways that you can earn money as a stay at home parent. These are just 10 out of the many ways that you can make a living while at home. If these ones don’t suit you, I’d suggest taking initiative to find one you will like. It’ll come eventually, it’s just a matter of time and patience!


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