AboutHello all! Welcome to the about page for Wise Investments and myself. I realized that, at this very moment, I’ve produced dozens of articles on various topics. However, I didn’t do one very critical thing. I neglected to let you guys know who I am exactly and what my purpose is. Therefore, I intend to change all that right now.


My name is Shameed Chris Khan, creator of Wise Investments. My main goal is to help those around me achieve financial freedom! It may sound a bit cliche but writing and helping people improve their financial situation is truly a passion of mine. Furthermore, I always found that writing was one of the best ways to convey who you are. That brings us here, Wise Investments.


I’m a millennial just like many of you who may be reading this and have the same aspiration. The aspiration of becoming financially free and living without a financial care in the world, taking care of my family along the way. Although, I didn’t always have this dream of creating a blog and paving my way to financial freedom by helping others. This dream is something that I developed through many jobs and meeting a ton of amazingly insightful people.


Along my journey that led me to here, I’ve had many experiences in the financial sector. These experiences lead to either great highs or tragic lows. However, this wouldn’t stop me from continuously learning. As I study and write, I’m constantly learning new information. Through my voice and personality, I intend to convey my experiences and information I’ve learned in the most compelling way possible.


I believe that creating compelling content mixed with my voice is how I can help you, the reader. Working, Investing, Saving and Earning through many different avenues is what I believe to be the key to financial success. Therefore, let’s learn together and start your journey towards financial freedom.


If you have any questions or even feel like discussing financial topics, feel free to contact me! Lastly, I’d like to thank each and every one of you. I am truly glad you’re here.


With that being said, let’s begin!


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