6 Books That Will Teach You How To Save


Books contain a wealth of knowledge that many find valuable. They are critical in the development of one’s self in many aspects. Reading at least one book a week/month has many positive effects. Although, some people don’t like reading because it isn’t visual enough. However, the books we are about to talk about are extremely easy to pick up and read. Many of the books are targeted towards a younger demographic. However, this does not mean the older demographic cannot find them useful! Many of the books can be found through Amazon and your local library. However, if you love listening to books, try out Audible and get two free books for signing up!



1. Broke Millennial 2. Get A Financial Life
3. For Dummies 4. Why Didn’t They Teach Me
5. The 5 Years Before You Retire 6. How To Make Your Money Last


1. Broke Millennial By Erin Lowry


A spectacular book that outlines a lot of habits that millennials have that may be keeping them from financial security. This book is extremely informative and can serve as a guide on how you can take your financial situation and make it more appealing.


One great thing about the book is that it uses realistic and anecdotes to make a point rather than statistics. If you are anything like me, you didn’t grow up with anyone telling you how to manage your money. Not at home, work or school. That is why reading books like these can give you extremely valuable information. However, this book does not just talk about budgeting. It also relates to investing, credit cards and overall debt.


2. Get A Financial Life By Beth Kobliner


Another book that is mainly targeted for millennials. However, the information in it is applicable for anyone at any age! If you ever had any basic question on taxes or how you can increase your credit score to get that loan, this book is for you. The road of financial stability may be difficult to traverse. However, books like these help you avoid some common money mistakes that most people would make.


This book is very well made with a lot of concepts that are easy to understand. Since it is such an easy read, most people would be able to pick up this book and learn something new! Look at this book as a beginner guide. filled with universal knowledge that is applicable in many instances. Therefore, if you’re just starting your professional career or are about to finish college. This book will definitely help you take the important first step!


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3. Personal Finance For Dummies By Eric Tyson


Most people know about the “For Dummies” series. These books follow a wide array of topics and dissect many aspects of it. Therefore, if you’re looking for a book that covers many avenues of personal finance, this is the one for you. One very good thing about this book is that it isn’t targeted towards a specific age group. Therefore, one could pick up this book from your local book store/library/Amazon and get a holistic view of the world of finance.


The author urges the readers to take matters into their own hands and uncover every aspect of your financial well being that needs improvement. You could be missing a critical mistake that is costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars a year! Considering the fact that it is a book that gives a very comprehensive view of finance. This book includes information on budgeting, investing, retirement, debt and many other critical subjects that relate to finance!


4. Why Didn’t They Teach Me This In School? By Cary Siegel


A shorter, easy to digest book that focuses on money management! Without giving too much away, the book revolves around 8 lessons that focus on nearly 100 principles! As previously stated, these lessons and principles are to help the reader become better at managing their money.


A great thing about this book is that you can pick up the book and start from any chapter without completely lost. Just as the title may make you think, this is a book that is also targeted towards a younger demographic. However, just like all books, you can learn something regardless of your age!


5. The 5 Years Before You Retire By Emily Birken


Finally, we come to a book that is made for those who are looking to retire within the next couple of decades. Many people I have talked to throughout the years have all generally told me the same thing. Saving for your retirement isn’t enough anymore. When you save for your retirement, your money, and cash flow once you retire becomes extremely limited. So much to the point where you have to live a particular lifestyle that can only deteriorate as your money does.


This book focuses on the 5 years before you retire and what you can do with all that money you’ve saved so that you’ll never have to compromise in your retirement. The retirement strategies in this book are head-on and get right to the point so that the reader can get a better understanding. If you’re not well versed in personal finance you won’t need to worry. Like all books on this list, this one is easy to read as well!


6. How To Make Your Money Last By Jane Quinn


This book is for those who are looking to retire in the near future or have already retired! The book is easily accessible and quite a good read. It covers the fundamentals of retirement planning and what one might go through on an emotional level during this time.


The author focuses on the fact that in order to sustain your lifestyle after retirement, your money needs to grow as well. However, the fact that the author teaches you how to deal with retirement on an emotional and monetary level makes this book worth so much more!


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